Birthday Girl

My Sophie is 2.  She is so cute.  I sure love her.  Everyday I have at least one moment where I can’t believe how cute she is.  And there is usually at least one moment where I can’t believe how dramatic she is!  But I really do just love her.  She is growing up so fast.  She is becoming more and more independent and wants every second to be just like her brother.  Its true that she has a lot of spunk and sass, but she is also so loving and so helpful.  She loves to help clean up anything.  She is getting to be a really good talker.  I love the stage when they are learning new words everyday.  It is so cute to see how she says more complex words.  And I absolutely love that she calls herself Fifi (pronounced Fee Fee).  She has attempted to say her name more correctly recently and it makes me the saddest.  She loves her two friends Aubrey and Maya and looks so forward to nursery every Sunday so she can play with them.  She is really loves all things Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and is pretty good about watching any kids show.  She is becoming more interested in books and tends to be listening more and more during story time.  She loves to sing and knows quite a few songs (I am a Child of God, ABCs, Twinkle, Twinkle, I am like a Star, Sunbeam, etc.)  She loves swinging and sliding in the backyard.  We are going to be so sad when winter sets in around here.  She also is quite the colorer and can spend quite some time doing it.  She is an expert at drawing circles.  We have been working on learning colors lately.  Everything is blue, but at least when we ask her about something blue, she is right!  We had a fun birthday this year.  We went to the zoo in the morning and out to lunch.  And then we went to the Grossen grandparents for a small family birthday party.  She was adorable and sang Happy Birthday over and over again.


Aren’t the pics Richard took of her on her new trike to die for?  Can’t get over it!

We went to the doctor last week so here are her 2 year old stats.

27.4 lbs- 55%

34.5 inches- 75%

7 Replies to “Birthday Girl”

  1. Oh she is so cute! That was a fun party, I lost count on how many times we sang to her. Sure do love that little girl.

  2. I felt really really bad that the double birthday party didn’t work out. But I guess it was for the better…looks like a great party. The cupcakes are adorable!
    I love that Avery is dressed up for it too.

  3. Happy Birthday Sophs! Can’t believe how big she is!…quite the little lady! So cute! I am pretty sure that is the same bike we are getting for Iz! Those cupcakes turned out so cute, Ame!

  4. Love the cute Minnie cupcakes. I bet Sophie girl was in heaven with those–looking at them or course, not the eating them part. Cute little lady Sophs! Can she pedal that trike? You are growing up too fast little lady!

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