Boise Love

The kiddos and I just got back from our second Idaho adventure of the year.  We love going to Idaho.  This time I ventured by myself with the kids.  I felt a little nervous about the 5 hour drive.  But guess what?  My kids are awesome and it was no problem at all.  Thank you DVD player.  And we actually just drove straight through without stopping and made it in 4 hours 40 minutes both ways.  Totally a doable drive!

We went to the zoo the afternoon of the Boise State/BYU game (a totally atrocious game, I might add) all decked out in our BYU gear.  It would not have been a big deal but the zoo is downtown and less than one mile from the BSU campus.  We had a few friendly comments!  The kids loved the zoo.  I was super proud of Sophie who felt brave enough to feed the goats.  It took all her courage to do it once but then she totally loved it.  I was proud of my Jack, who’s fear of heights usually gets the best of him, for going down the big long giraffe slide all by himself and loving it.

Mostly we just hung around the house and let the cousins play.  In fact, one morning Kara woke up feeling yucky and I had a migraine (my first in like 8 years).  It was a pretty special time in the house as me and Kara laid around all morning trying to sleep while we turned on show after show for the kids.  Hahaha…it was very funny.  Luckily we both recovered by afternoon and were able to get out of the house before the kids went too stir crazy!  We made a few trips to the park and also went swimming at the YMCA one morning.  We went bowling on Saturday with Ryan which was pretty fun.  I bowled a  40!  I know you think that is a typo.  Not the case.  I scored 40 points.  I am awesome!  Sophie has an epic meltdown right on the floor of the bowling alley.  Can’t even remember why now but it was pretty comical!  You want to know something else great about this trip?  My kids shared a room the whole time even during nap time and they slept like champs!  It was amazing and something I never thought possible.  Perhaps a third child can enter the Grossen household sometime.  That is if you can convince me to be pregnant again.  Doesn’t sound appealing at all!  Anyway…thank you Cosby’s.  We had the best time!




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  1. I am so glad you had a fun time in Idaho! Sorry you had a migraine, those are the worst. Can’t wait to see you all again soon.

  2. Very funny expressions by Iz & Jack. The best shot though is the one withe the two year olds in the refrigerator–very funny! That’s where I prefer to live as well.

  3. Love all my babies in their matching BYU t-shirts! Wish I could have been there to play! Glad you had so much fun!

  4. What a fun time! Thanks for coming, Ame and hanging out and making me dinner! 🙂 Isaac still talks about Jack and Sophie at least once a day! Such fun cousin times! 🙂

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