Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

I finally just decided to give up my search for the rechargable batteries and put some regulars in the camera.  So we have new photos again!  I didn’t know what to title this post since these pics are completely random…so it is the 5th of May and I suppose people are celebrating somewhere.  It is however just a normal day in the Grossen household.  Jack just went down for his nap, Dan’s at work, the laundry in going, the dishes are done, so I have a few minutos to spare for a post!


This was Jack’s first time seeing the camera in about 2 weeks and he could not stop smiling.  It was killing me.


These bathtime photos are a few weeks old.  He was pulling himself up on the side of his tub.  Of course, he didn’t do it when the camera was there.  But he still looks super cute.  We have since graduated to the big tub.  He finds it frustrating more than anything because it is so slippery so he can’t crawl around like he wants.  And when I try to just sit him up, he automatically turns and tries to pull himself up to the side of the tub.  So bathtime has become a wee bit shorter than it used to be.  At least he learned not to put his face in the water to get his toys in his mouth.  It only took one bath and a few times inhaling to figure out.



These are Jack’s new found toys.  With his new mobility, the world is opening up!  He loves his stacking cups.  Anytime he sees them, he goes and pulls them out one by one.  He loves it.  He also loves the stairs.  He is attempting to crawl up them, but hasn’t solved it yet.  We will be getting a gate soon!  The wheel on his high chair spins around when it is folded up and for whatever reason, he can’t get enough of it.  I seriously found him over there 50 times yesterday.  And last but not least…the doorstops.  I think he knows where they are in every room and they make him so happy.

I promise the crawling video is coming.  I still have not completely learned how to put them on this blog.  Dan taught me one time, but it takes at least 1000 steps that I haven’t mastered yet.  So stay tuned…

5 Replies to “Feliz Cinco de Mayo!”

  1. I just can’t get over how cute that kid is!!! I’m so happy you got some new batteries.

  2. That is too fun. Great pictures and post. I can’t wait to see him again, now that I’m finally over my 3rd cold for the winter. I’ll check in one evening this week to see about stopping by for a Jack Attack.

  3. Those are such fun pictures. I dont know what it is with the doorstoppers and kids…they love them.

  4. Lots of adventures and still more exploring are ahead for this little guy. He’s the cutest ever! Hugs and kisses baby Jack!

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