Birthday Boy

This is so late!  But Jack is now 4!  We decided to have a friend birthday party this year.  It was pretty fun and the kids had a great time.  Jack requested a Captain America Party so I had the kids make their own masks and then we attempted a super hero obstacle course.  The big hit was, of course, getting the bad guy (aka Dan) at the end with silly string.  We had cake and ice cream and then did a pinata.  Nothing like sugaring up a bunch of 4-year-olds and then sending them home to mom and dad!  That night Jack requested a dinner at Texas Roadhouse and we gladly obliged.  We love that place.

About a week after his birthday we went to the doctor for his well visit.  He was 43 inches tall (98%) and 40 lbs. (80%).  I love this big kid.  The doctor asked if he was really comfortable with his colors and things.  And I had to stop her and say…”He is pretty smart.  He is starting to read.  Can sound out anything phonetic.  He can count to 100 and backwards from 30.  He can do simple math and write his letters.  Is there any chance  we can start him in school early?  I’m just nervous that he will be so bored in kindergarten.”  She laughed and said there really is no way to start him early.  And then she said, “And in the long run when you have teenagers like me, you really will be glad that you got to keep him home one more year with you.”  I have to say that just over the last couple of months I really have been catching that vision.  I think about how this is the last year that all of his friends will be home and I really feel grateful that we have two more.  Two more years to live our own schedule and let him grow up socially a little more. Two more years to love him and keep him away from all the meanies in the world.  I’m starting to be glad for my fall born babies.  Just don’t ask me how I feel day to day!  But long term, I am feeling grateful!


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  1. What a fun party!!! I’m going to be sugaring up a bunch of kids tonight…I’m so excited! And Jack the smarty pants might be a bit bored in Kindergarten but he’ll gain lots of confidence for knowing it all! I love that kid!

  2. He’s definitely a big kid now! He gets to have a friend birthday party. I want him to stay little awhile longer also Ame. Thanks for playing the bad guy Danno and making things so fun for the kids. Happy 4th little buddy!

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