Fall Festivities

We have been up to quite a lot this fall.  It has been such a fun time of year.  Jack and Sophs are really embracing Halloween and love to talk about ghosts, witches, pumpkins and more.  We have checked out lots of library books about Halloween and it has been so fun!

We made a last trip to the zoo for the season.  Sophie had a major meltdown while we were there and Jack just had to hold her hand to make her feel better.  She was all smiles by the time we got to the carousel.

We have enjoyed some really lovely fall weather and a lot of fun times with friends.  My friend, Brooke was visiting from AZ and we had a lunch date.  Jack was enamored with her sweet baby Clara.  It was so cute.  And, of course, Jack and his best buddy Ari have spent some time together almost everyday this month.  They are best buds.

I have stumbled across some pretty picturesque scenes on my morning runs.  The sunrise was so beautiful one morning.  Perhaps I was just grateful to see the light finally.  This was at about mile 8 of my 10.5 morning run.  I had survived 7 miles in the complete darkness.  Not my favorite.  And I just loved my neighbors tree one morning.  It looked so beautiful!

We really loved going to Logan a few weekends ago with Dan’s family for the Pumpkin Walk.  We had the best time and some of the scenes made out of pumpkins were really incredible.  The kids were obsessed with sticking their heads in all the characters.  Those Harry Potter ones are pretty killer funny.  I hope this becomes a family tradition.  I loved it a lot.

One day we met with our friends, Annie and Caleb, at Gardner Village.  They had a very fun petting zoo and horse ride for the kids.  I was pretty proud of Sophie who rode the horse all by herself.  She usually lets her fear of animals get the best of her!  And I feel like she looks more grown up than ever on that animal!

And finally, we made it to the pumpkin patch at the Red Barn in Santaquin.  We really loved it this year.  They have added a fun slide that the kids adored.  I could have rode it all day too.  It was pretty fun.  The best part is the pumpkins were free since it was the last weekend before Halloween and they had so many left!  We finished out our time there with fresh apple juice, apple cider donuts and fresh ice cream from the farm.  Delicious!

4 Replies to “Fall Festivities”

  1. I thought the same thing about Soph on that horse…looks like she’s going to be a Beehive next week! Those Harry Potter pics are killer! So many fun times! That’s why fall is the best time of year!

  2. Wow, so many fun things! Who knew you went to Logan again? Next time…just keep driving a few more hours and show up at my house! Sophs really does look so big on that horse! I can’t even believe you let her get that close to an animal, Ame! 🙂 I love the fall too!

  3. I think I picked up on the same pictures you mentioned–Sophs on the pony, both kids behind those Harry Potter glasses and Jack playing with that baby. I think he is ready for a baby in the house. Ha! Ha! Can I go to Logan with you next year? It looks so fun! What awesome parents you two are to provide your kids with so many activities!

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