Jack On the Move

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Here’s the infamous video.  We shot another one this morning which is the second clip on the video.  So you can see how much better he is at moving in just a weeks time.  He is pretty much real-life crawling these days.  And he is getting so fast!

7 Replies to “Jack On the Move”

  1. This is awesome! Ha I love his noises. Preston refuses to be on his stomach. When he is on his stomach he doesnt realize he should turn his head to one side – so its just a permanent faceplant;)

  2. Way to go Jack! Now you and Tommy can get into all kinds of trouble together on the cruise.

  3. What a stud, I love him. I was so happy to see him today, he is just such a cutie.

  4. I love it! He is getting that hand-knee coordination thing down! That little chuckle sound is great! Stay out of mischief now Jack! Ha! Ha!

  5. Oops! Deeds is here visiting and I didn’t think to change the name on the comments. That was my comment above!

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