I Was Run-ning

2nd half marathon complete.  And you want to know what I told Dan the minute I saw him!?  “Don’t ever let me do that again!”  Ha.  It was tough this time around.  Around mile 10 my right hip was killing me.  With every step I wasn’t sure if my leg was going to pop off or not!  But thanks to Olivia, Kerri’s roommate, who stuck with me the whole way, I never stopped and made it across the finish line at 2:22:27…beating my old time by a minute and some change.  Not sure how I did better cause it seemed so much harder.  But I did it.  And my recovery after the race was much, much better.  Only a few waves a nausea that subsided in about 20 minutes.  I didn’t have any GU this time around-just water-and I think that is really the key for me.  Those nutritional chews do me wrong for some reason.  So I’m not sure when my next race will be, but I have a feeling that in time I will forget the pain and sign up again just to remember how hard and painful it really is.  Kind of like another process I’ve been through called pregnancy and childbirth!


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  1. I’m am so amazed you kept going through the pain…you are a fighter!! Seriously impressive. Good for you!!! I love those beautiful mountains in the background!

  2. Amazing! Definitely take the winter off! It is a big accomplishment but please don’t hurt yourself.

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