Halloween was a week long affair this year it seems like.  We had the ward Halloween Party, Grandma Grossen’s Halloween party, Halloween playgroup, Halloween story time at the library and a Halloween party at preschool.  By the time the day actually rolled around, Jack had been in his costume five times already!  He loved it.  We had exceptional weather again this year and enjoyed about an hour and a half of trick-or-treating.  Dan was excited to join in the fun this year and decided to join Jack’s team and be the Hulk.  It really made Jack’s Halloween to have Daddy participate.  And we couldn’t leave our pumpkins out the Avengers theme!  It was a great holiday with the kiddos.

4 Replies to “Halloween”

  1. LOVE how Jack is eating his loot with only undies on! Cute costumes and Dan’s is pretty darn awesome too! Halloween can be a little much sometimes. The kids do love it, but by Nov. 4 I was ready to move on to the next holiday.

  2. Halloween definitely is great when your a kid, especially when you have tons of parties. Looks like Sophie and Jack did well trick or treating, hope you and Dan took a mom and dad’s tax on that candy 🙂

  3. Cute Halloween kiddos! It sure would be fun if Isaac had cousins that lived close by! Darn! Glad jack really got to put that costume to use this year!…really got your moneys worth!

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