Our last hurrah

We had some fabulous warm days the first week of November and we lived it up.  From experience I know that it only takes one big storm to knock the temperatures down and then we don’t recover for months.  So I wanted to get outside and enjoy it before we had to deal with bundling the kids up.

Our first adventure was to BYU.  We had to take Sophs down to get her second flu shot and while we were in the area I thought I would stop by the old alma mater.  My intent was to spend some time in the bookstore looking for some Christmas gifts.  But as luck would have it, I was there on a Tuesday right around 11 when everything is shut down for devotional.  The kids were pretty disappointed that they couldn’t go run through the racks of clothes.  But I took them on a tour of the campus.  The fall leaves were still unbelievably beautiful there.  I reminisced about the good ol’ days and couldn’t believe that it has been almost 10 years since I graduated.  When I’m away from campus, I feel pretty removed from college life.  I mean my life is completely different now.  But when I am there I feel like I could just pick up right where I left off.  Just hand me a backpack and some paper and I really feel like I could be a student again.  It seems like yesterday.  But then again, I look at the actual students and I feel like a grandma compared to them.  I look far to momish these days to actually be a student!  Jack thought the naked Indian statue was just as funny as I think it is.  Who knows what he is all about?  I still don’t even after reading the plaque that accompanies him!

A couple of days later we took the train downtown to Temple Square and City Creek.  The kids absolutely loved the train ride and it made me reminisce about my recent and most lovely trip to DC.  Love public transportation!  Temple Square was lovely.  They even had a few sections of Christmas lights on which made Jack’s day.  I took the kids over the the Conference Center for the first time.  The loved touring the roof and the waterfall.  I love Temple Square during the holidays and can’t wait to go back when all the lights are on.

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  1. These are some great outings! There are some pretty neat things about Utah, I must say! Glad the weather was nice because I heard you got dumped on with snow probably pretty soon after this! I miss BYU too! Come on Ame…lets walk up to the 6th floor and letter some books! 🙂

  2. Good for you!!! I love to go visit BYU. How sad is it that the bookstore was closed. I feel like that’s happened to us before. The basketball game last Christmas? Your winters are dreadfully long. Good luck!

  3. Fun stuff! I don’t even know where that Indian is on campus. He must be one of Brigham’s Ute buddies! LOVE THE YELLOW LEAVES!

  4. Oh Amy – your kids are getting so big. They are the cutest! Fun that you can stop by and reminisce. You, looking mom-ish? I think not! 🙂

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