The weeks are flying by lately.  It is almost Christmas and that is totally bizarre.  Every year I can’t believe how quickly it comes.  It really seems like Christmas was just yesterday.  But anyway, I digress.   Here are a few photos of what we have been filling our days with.

We had a little bout of pink eye right before Thanksgiving.  That was a first at our house and I thought it looked real bad so I took them in.  The doctor said it looked pretty mild and like it was moving fast.  It lasted about 8 days with several night time wakings by the Jack man claiming to be “blind” cause he couldn’t open his eyes.  Sad and funny all at once!

We did a thankful turkey this year.  It was a lot of fun to see what the kids would come up with each day for their feather.  My favorites were unsolicited responses by Jack like Lakers, BYU, 49ers, prayer and eyes.  Sophs were usually food related like cookies or waffles.  The first thing I wrote was my family.  And finally on the last day someone was thankful for me too.  Thanks honey.  We had a lovely Thanksgiving and are so thankful for all that we have been given.

We went out and got our Christmas tree.  It is definitely our best tree ever.  We love it.  Jack turns the lights on as soon as he wakes up and they have to stay on all day.  They are loving all the holiday decor this year.

Uncle Deeds got back from his internship and we have had a fun reunion.  This picture is from Scheel’s, the new sporting goods store in town.  They have random statues of historical figures throughout the store.  So weird, but can’t pass up an chance to snap a photo with Abe.

Sophie accessorized her pajamas all by herself one night.  Too funny.  She can successfully do her Minnie puzzle all by herself now.  She is getting super fast at it too.  I am feeling really good about the princess puzzles I got her for Christmas.  She is going to be so happy.  And we have pretty decent weather until yesterday around here.  The kids were having fun enjoying some outside time with their friend Austin.  Gotta take advantage of the outside this time of year since our chances to be out are so limited!


5 Replies to “Life”

  1. Such a cute thankful Turkey! I am going to have to steal that idea from you for next year 🙂 I saw your tree through your window the other night and it looked fabulous!

  2. The holidays with children are the best. We have to make the most of it before the dreadful January comes! Your kiddos are the cutest! I miss seeing those bright smiley faces in person.

  3. Sorry I’m so slow to be checking in on the blogs. I love the thankful turkey idea. What a great way to get the kids thinking about what they are thankful for. Yeah, to decent weather and having Deeds back near family.

  4. Glad the pink eye is out of their system! I still kind of laugh thinking about Jack walking into your room saying that he is blind! So funny, but sad at the same time! I’m sure that was not fun! Your tree looks awesome! Love that you have a window to put it in front of! Looking forward to seeing you all in a little over a week! 🙂

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