Congratulations Dr. Deeds!

On December 14th the last Cosby kid finished school and I am proud to introduce Dr. Cosby!  We are pretty excited to have a Physical Therapist in the family.  He has already helped diagnose my hip problems from running.  We are pretty proud of Deeds but feel pretty sad that he accepted a job in Boise and moved away from us again!  At least its not too far and now Ryan and Kara have family nearby.  Way to go Deeds!

4 Replies to “Congratulations Dr. Deeds!”

  1. Physical therapist? That’s awesome. And Boise?! Wow. At least you can get two birds with one stone when you go to visit.

  2. Hey, this post looks familiar! We’re proud of you Dust! We’ll be visiting in a few months. Get prepared for that!

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