I left my heart at Disneyland!

I really did.  I love it there.  I know there are people who don’t like it cause its expensive and crowded.  But that person is not me.  I think it is the funnest and so magical.  We had the best time with my family.  Everything went smooth with the kids.  We did everything we wanted to despite the huge crowds (rumors of the park being closed on the first day we were there because it reached max capacity), had only 1 major regret (waiting in line for Monsters Inc. instead of going to Aladdin) and suffered only one major loss (Dan’s Iphone being dropped and the screen cracking everywhere).  But it was awesome and at Christmas time it was the best!  And World of Color changed us all.  It was beautiful and made the trip for everyone.  Here comes photo overload once again!


California Adventure Day

7 Replies to “I left my heart at Disneyland!”

  1. So so fun! Jack has some great facial expressions. Looks like the weather was tolerable too. I really want to see World of Color one day…and to do Disney at Christmas time!

  2. And I’m jealous that you are done with your Christmas and Disneyland posts. I’ve been working on mine for weeks.

  3. I wish I was there right now! I need some warm weather! I’m glad you guys had a fun Christmas in Cali. Love all the pictures.

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