Southern California Time

After a few more days of relaxing at my parent’s house, we headed back down to So Cal to spend a few days with Mike and Tiffany.  We love going to their house.  They are so accommodating and we always leave and dream about how great it would be to live right in their neighborhood.  It is that beautiful there.  Maybe someday, right honey?

We went to the Rose Parade on New Year’s Day.  It was really fun and pretty amazing.   After the parade we drove down into the L.A. area and went to a farmer’s market and tried to see the space shuttle.  It was closed which was a huge bummer for Jack since he is obsessed with space.  But we had a fun time driving by the city and eating good food at the market.

Another day we went to a petting zoo which the kids loved.  I was pretty proud of how well they were with the animals consider our lack of exposure to animals (they aren’t my favorite).  The only time Sophs lost it was when the goats attacked her as she was trying to catch the feed in her hand from the little machine.  It was absurd and not my favorite thing ever.  It was a very cute place!

Who can beat this weather the first week of January?  It is ideal.

I had to include this picture because it is hysterical.  I ran with Sophs down to Target to get the necessary supplies for our drive home to Utah the next day.  I think she was mad about being in the cart and completely lost control.  She screamed forever and I even had a lady try to talk to her and calm her down as I just tried to ignore her and keep shopping.  I finally decided to take a picture because it was absurd behavior and had to be documented.  And I don’t think I could have captured it any better.  She looks at it now and says “Wophie screaming.”  You think?

I finally had to include this picture of Richard that Mike had at his house.  It is a picture of a picture and so not that great of quality.  But I couldn’t believe how much my little Jack looks like his Grandpa Grossen.  Hey twinners!

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  1. I could use a vacation to Southern Cal. Course I really enjoyed our fluke 60 degree day yesterday. Love the picture of Sophie at Target. I have a similar experience and then running into 3 ladies from my ward shopping together.

  2. It looks like the So Cal I remember as a kid. There was no way to really know it was winter down there. Love the weather but not the crowds. I thought Richard’s picture looked like Melanie’s kids. Sophs the picture is priceless. It almost looks like there is a slight smirky grin behind that scream. Oh, the drama! Love you Soph!!!!!!!!

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