I guess I’ll blog about January now that its February!  Ha.  Well January was the worst month on record for me in the state of Utah.  It was beyond frigid.  Did you know it was the coldest January since 1949?  There were only 2 days that were normal or above temperatures and one was the 31st!  And the other day was probably when we were California over the holidays.  We got trapped in an inversion and couldn’t see the mountains or valley for 10 days straight.  The air was disgusting and bitterly cold.  And you know what else made it horrible…we have been sick.  Since December 7th I have counted 8 different illnesses in the family.  December 7th Jack got his tonsils out.  The next week Dan had a little cold/flu bug, the next week Sophie got an ear infection, about 10 days later Sophie was in the urgent care in California with 104 degree fever, diagnosed with the flu.  When we got back both kids had ear infections again which included 2 separate doctors visits, of course.  That same weekend I got the flu and was the sickest I have been in at least 20 years I think.  And then just this past Sunday Sophie started in with barfs followed by Jack last night.  Terrible-huh?  But we are alive and so happy its February!  Spring can’t come soon enough!  But is still so far away here in Utah…let’s be honest.

This girl is in love with princesses.  She requests daily to watch “the Cinnerella”.  I am loving it.  Especially when she asks Jack to play princesses and then proceeds to have him twirl her all around.  We went to Aunt Brookie’s baby shower and came home with some blow pops for the boys.  But Sophie decided to take matters into her own hands and opened all them and gave them each a lick.  She is also very mothering.  She dropped Jack’s Thor action figure and picked him up and gave him a love and asked if he was alright.  And here she is this morning with her barf bowl.  She hasn’t barfed in over 24 hours but still seems pretty sad.  Poor lady.  We have an appointment with the Ear, Nose and Throat doctor next week to talk about getting tubes since she has had 6 ear infections in the last 10 months.

This boy wants to be just like Daddy and loved when he found this old video game headset.  He pretended to talk to someone a lot that day.  Mr. Potato Head glasses on humans never gets old.  And the puzzle obsession continues.  We spend hours doing them some days.  Jack has really enjoyed painting lately too.  He has made some fun pictures including this one that he signed and gave to Daddy to take to work of a scene out of “Where’s My Water?”, his favorite iPad game.

I put Lance in the trash where he belongs.  I thought about putting it my DI box.  But really, who would want this book?  I personally wanted it off my shelf.  No regrets!

The one bright spot in this dreadful month was the birth of this little doll face!  We are so excited to have Ellia Mae Bawden in our family.  She is beautiful and we couldn’t be happier for Brooke and Ethan.  If we could ever get healthier we would love to spend more time getting to know her!


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  1. Oh my goodness! I feel awful for even complaining about my January!! Knock on wood we have not yet had any flu like stuff happen here and really just minor sicknesses. And we’ve had some freezing weather but I know it’s been much worse in Utah. Good for you for surviving…seriously!
    PS I think I should throw away my Lance book as well. Too bad.

  2. So sorry about the sickness and the terrible weather – combined that has got to be the pits! Just keep swimming and lovely Spring will be here before ya know it 🙂 Cute kiddos, as usual… even if they’re on the floor under the weather.

    That is a cute little babe!

  3. That picture of Sophie on the floor makes me sad. I just love her so much and felt so bad she got sick. Jack was cracking us up on Sunday…the funniest things come out of his mouth. Love his personality. Good job on the cute kids.

  4. I love Sophs mothering Thor. What a little mother! Isn’t funny how natural those traits come. What a sport Jacko spending time with sissy and princesses. Very cute baby Brooke. Have fun being a mom. I love Jack with the headset on. Get well all you sickies!

  5. Way too much illness going around! I guess you could add the barfs from last week to your list as well! Horrible! I hope Sophs getting tubes will really help her feel better and improve her sleeping! The picture of her curled up next to the bowl breaks my heart. But at least she is not afraid of the barf bowl like Isaac! Poor kiddos!

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