About 2 weeks ago Kara and Isaac came down for 6 days.  It was pretty fun.  We just hung out most of the time.  About the most exciting thing that happened was the BYU basketball game.  I was not in attendance, however, cause Dan and I had already committed to go to the Bishopric dinner (we are old!) that same night.  So therefore, I have no pictures.  The very next day people started dropping like flies with another stomach bug.  Jack was first (even though he had barfed seven days earlier), then Kara, then Isaac.  I scrubbed my house everywhere before they came in hopes that Sophie’s little stomach bug wouldn’t spread.  But I must have missed the germ somewhere.  Felt so bad that the sickness spread.  But at least I could help little Kara through her illness which included a trip to the ER for 2 liters of fluid because of dehydration.  But it was pretty fun cause they did an ultrasound of my nephew and it was so fun to see him.  Love babies.  Anyway…it wasn’t quite the trip we hoped for but it was still fun to be together.  Here’s to next time with NO illnesses please!

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  1. Now that’s a tub of water! Love Ker’s little livingroom. It seems to be a curse to have the two families hanging out together. Someone always gets sick. It’s not fair is it?

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