Other February happenings

We hosted preschool for a week and loved that.  These kids are so cute and smart.  Everyone, but Jack, is starting school in the fall and they are all more than ready!

We made a bunch of doctor trips.  Surprise, surprise!

We had a Downton Abbey themed project day at Grandma Pett’s.  She went all out with fine china, servant costumes, goblets and tea time.  The kids loved doing cheers and drinking from fancy goblets.

Sophie built matching guns from the trio blocks for her and daddy.  And they ran around shooting ghosts, pumpkins and monsters.  Where do kids learn about guns?  I don’t get it.

Lest you think she is all tomboy, here she is in her new princess nightgown.  She is obsessed and knows all their names.

We went to a BYU game.  Love spreading Cougar cheer to the next generation!

Me and the husband got away for a little ski Valentine’s date on President’s day.  It was the funnest.  I love it.  We went to Sundance.  It was my first time back since Dan taught me to ski here 8 years ago.  It was much better this time around!  It was fun to be able to ride all the lifts and to go the top of the mountain and look down on Utah County.  Beautiful!


7 Replies to “Other February happenings”

  1. We’ll have to get the picture of my mom as “Anna” from Janae…that should be shared. Leave it to Grandma to go all out for project day. In regards to your previous post, lets hope we are all healthy for the rest of the year. I feel like there has been plenty of sickness in the family to last a lifetime.

  2. Lots of doctor trips but nobody looks sick in that picture! Glad that things should start looking up in that department. That’s nice you and the hubby got to get away for a ski trip. Grandma Pett rocks!

  3. Super cute pictures! Course that’s what you get when you have super cute kids! I heard all about the Pettington Abbey. So fun! Wish I could have seen it. And despite the sicknesses, you’ve still been able to get out and have lots of fun! Good for you.

  4. Looks like fun times! I wonder how kids learn about guns also… my girls are into it lately! Our house is 99% princesses. Your kids are so big and so cute!

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