Tubes and haircut

Sophie lady finally got tubes.  It has been a pretty rough year and some months around here at night so we couldn’t be happier about the tubes.   When we went to see the ENT doctor, she mentioned that 4 ear infections were about the max in a year that someone should have.  When I said Sophs had had 6 in 10 months, she said that we definitely needed to do tubes.  So away we went!  She was gone from us for maybe 15 minutes and came back in tears.  She was pretty inconsolable for the first hour or so.  But once Grandpa got her Cheetos she was pretty happy.  Everything went great and we have been sleeping better!  Although now I can feel her 2 year old molars coming in which has been waking her up at night some.  Can’t win over here!  But once all those babies are in I will not be responding to her at night.  Hope she figures it out!

The only crying pre-op came when we had to take her princess nightgown off.  She was not happy about it.

But once she had the iPad she was content.  Cute little hospital gown lady.

Remember the mullet/rat tail this lady has been working for sometime now?  Looked a little something like this…

Well it is no mas!  We finally got brave and Brittany gave her a haircut on Feb. 2nd.  And we couldn’t be happier about it.  It looks so much better.

Cute little lady bob do!


5 Replies to “Tubes and haircut”

  1. Love that picture of her with messy hair, so cute and little on the hospital bed. Hurray for better night sleep! I love her little bob too.

  2. Sleep is good. I have to wonder when I will get consistent full nights of sleep… oh wait, probably not for a very long time. 🙂 Soph is a cutie with the new ‘do! I love her outfit also!

  3. Oh little lady. What a roller coaster she has been on! Hope these tubes really do the trick and the nights get better! Love the new do Sophie girl!

  4. Way to go Sophs! You’re all grown up and hopefully will be sleeping better for mom and dad now! Cute little Buggie!

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