We had a great Easter this year with many celebrations, just like always.  I tried to help Jack get the true meaning of Easter and feel gratitude for the Atonement and Resurrection of our Savior.  But I’m not sure how much it sank in.  Do they ever get it?  Someday I guess.  We just did the traditional things like color eggs, go to church, eat good food and egg hunts.  Fun stuff with the little ones.

The first pic of them in their Easter outfits is priceless.  They were both saying “Happy Easter” but instead of smiling at the end they just held their “er” face.  You can totally tell.  And in the last picture Jack grabbed his little chair and said “Mom, take a picture of me by myself” and then posed like we were at the studio.  He is funny.  And they are adorable!

5 Replies to “Easter”

  1. They are growing up way to fast. I need to see my babies! Love Jack posing in the chair. Cute outfits!

  2. Oh, they really are so so cute!!! I love the picture with Jack’s arm around Sophie and her smile of excitement.

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