Finishing July

Hi friends.  Here are the last few photos from July.

These 2 pictures go hand in hand.  Here I am almost 24 weeks along.   And here are 12 tubs of my kids clothes that I organized and labeled from about 1 million diaper boxes piled up in their closets.  It was a 2 day project and felt amazing to get done.  One step closer to merging the two older kids into the same room to make way for baby.  Nesting has begun! But let’s talk about how it seems insane that I have this many clothes.  12 tubs.  This new mystery child really needs nothing.

Jack and Maddie, my good friend Alicia’s brand new baby.  He never has requested on his own to hold a baby so I had to document.  Maybe he will want to be more involved with his new sibling than I imagined.

We have been swimming more this summer than ever before.  Perhaps because it has been the 2nd hottest summer on record so far.  This is saying a lot because I am not that fond of swimming and chlorine in general.  But it has felt amazing and the kids adore it.

I’ve been putting the lady’s hair in a pony tail the last few days.  It is getting longer and she is so big!

Last Sunday we went up in the mountains to capture some photos among the wildflowers.  Isn’t it beautiful?  It was also the first chance I have had to use the new DSLR camera we just got.  Pretty fun new toy even though all the pictures were taken on the auto setting.  Hoping to hone my skills a little someday.  One regret…should have at least combed down Sophie’s hair and washed her red mustache from dinner.  But she is still cute.

And just a few closeups of their adorable faces with the DSLR.  Love my babies.

4 Replies to “Finishing July”

  1. Jack looks so grown up in that last photo. Looks like a fun family outing. Love your organizational skills. Ha! Ha! Can’t wait to kiss those babies!

  2. Way to go on organizing those clothes. I know that is no easy task!! Albion Basin is so beautiful, and your kids. I cannot believe how big Sophie is getting!!

  3. I cannot believe how big Sophie is getting. Last time I saw her she was still a baby. Now she’s a kid. It scares me.

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