Jack has been loving swim lessons this year.  And he has made great progress.  In his latest classes they have gone into deeper waters and he has done great swimming to his teacher.  This last week they ventured onto the diving board.  And he jumped right in which really, really surprised me.  While we were at Cowabunga Bay this last time he started doing back flips all by himself and now its his favorite trick.  I am so proud of him.  He has really conquered some fears this summer and it makes me the happiest.

I went in for my 28 week visit this past Thursday.  Third trimester?!   Seems impossible.  Thankfully I passed my glucose test so we had to celebrate that night with some Rita’s Italian Ice.  It is new to Utah and came highly recommended by the Bawden’s.  And it did not disappoint.  Yummy!

6 Replies to “Swimming”

  1. Hey, I thought Cafe Rio was the celebration! It was a double whammy! Lucky! Still look pretty small in the side view Ame! Way to go Jack my Boy!

  2. Amy – you still look so tiny! Way to go growing a babe inside you 🙂

    Back flips Jack? That is impressive!

    Looks like you have done such fun things! I read all your posts even though I’ve been terrible at commenting lately.

  3. Back flips…WOW! That’s awesome. It really is so neat to watch kids overcome their fears and gain confidence.

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