In mid-August, the Cosby’s came to visit for about 5 days.  It was super fun to have them in town.  The kids love to play together.  We went to Cowbunga Bay one day which was great.  Sophie conquered some fears and went on one of the big slides with Kerri and Daddy.  Jack is a pro at going all by himself.  We have had a fun time in the water this summer.

We had a lot of time to squish on Wyatt and he is super squishy!  Love it.  Jack loved picking him up and holding him and then laying him back on his blanket.  How cute are the almost 3 year olds in Isaac’s bed?

We hosted Kerri’s bridal shower which was fun.  Perhaps I can throw a decent little gathering at my house.  Pretty fun times.  We totally spaced picture taking until right before the Wright’s left.  So there is one little group of our family that made it to Kerri’s celebration.  Lame by us.  I am super happy for Ker and her upcoming weddedness!

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