Sophie is 3

We had a fun Tiana birthday party at our house this year with our family.  Almost all of the pictures from the day sit broken on my computer right now until we can get some new software installed.  But I am getting so far behind on this blog and that is stressing me out a little.   So I have to go with what I have.

And that’s about it.  Hopefully soon I will be able to add more.  But I had to document this lady at 3!

We went to the doctor so here are her stats:

Height: 39 inches (80%), Weight: 32 lbs. (70%).

She is getting big and is super smart.  She loves to play with her toys.  She is amazing at it.  I could listen to her little playtime all day.  It is so cute.  She still takes a nice long 2 hour nap and will actually sleep in in the morning especially if we are up late.  She is, however, still in her crib which will be changing in the next few weeks so we shall see what that brings.  She is still my vegetable lady and loves to be my helper in the kitchen.  If I am making a salad, she is often seen eating all the raw veggies I’m cutting up.  I love her for that.  But she does love a good piece of candy too.  She enjoys playing with her brother when they can manage to get along (which sadly, is not too often and never lasts long enough!).  She loves preschool and can’t wait to show me what’s in her “pack-pack”.  She still is a fiery lady which leads to most of her timeouts for yelling instead of talking nicely.  She is still working on keeping a dry diaper at night so we are not all the way potty trained.  But she is an expert during the day at staying clean.  Love that.  She is a bit of neat freak and will tell me instantly when she is sticky or dirty and needs to wash.  She is all about the princesses right now and knows all of their names.  She loves to twirl in her Sunday clothes and say that Jack is her prince and then dance with him.  Pretty cute.  She knows all of her letters and most of the letter sounds.  Fast on her way to becoming an early reader!  She is getting better at her numbers and can count to six consecutively.  She loves to do puzzles and with a little help she can do her 48 piece Cinderella puzzle.  She can be shy in a big crowd when she draws attention to herself for doing something cute.  And that will prompt her to run and hide her face and tell everyone that is looking at her that “I no like that.  I not funny.”

We really love her so much!

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