Jack is 5

My buddy is 5!  Crazy boy.  He requested a Hulk party this year.  And since his birthday fell on Sunday I was able to chat with him about how we would probably not have a friend party this year but just be with family.  He was completely fine with that idea and I love him for that.  Family is the most important.  So we had everyone over for a lasagna dinner and party.  He is the smartest and cutest 5 year old in town.

He was so happy about the baseball glove.  It made that happiest.  And he said something cute like “Now I have one just like you Dad.  And we can play together.”  Loved that.

We had such a fun time at the party.  Jack loved the attention and it was fun to see his excitement this year.

We were at the doctor on Monday so here are his stats:

Height: 46 inches (100+%), Weight: 45.8 lbs.  (75%)

We always knew he was the tallest kid around.  People are always commenting that is so tall for his age.  Dr. Savage said he is just above the 100% mark.  Jack is our energetic boy.  He is busy there is no doubt.  He would rather pretend to be a rocket himself than actually play with a rocket!  He is a good big brother and tries hard to be patient with Sophie.  But he also loves to tease her and knows just the right ways to do it!  He loves to play games.  Board games, video games, iPad games, card games, games he makes up.  He could busy himself doing that all day.  He is thriving in preschool and has already mastered writing his name with a capital J and the rest lowercase.  I am proud of him for that.  He is beyond smart and reads like crazy.  He is a very visual learner when it comes to reading.  If I tell him what a longer word says that he can’t quite sound out, he will remember it forever like it is a sight word.  In Primary, he was asked to read a sentence on the board during sharing time that said “Joseph Smith received revelation” and he didn’t even hesitate and read it perfectly.  He needs next to no help in our Book of Mormon reading either.  He really is amazing.  He is good at math too.  One day out of no where he said “Mom, if you have 20 rows of 10 that makes 200.”  And all I could say was “Yep buddy, you’re right.”  And then I sit there thinking how does he know that!  He has almost completely outgrown his nap.  But we still do a quiet time which is a good break for all of us!  He is still an early riser despite not napping usually waking around 6:30 no matter how late he goes to bed.  He is really getting into watching football this season which we love!  He loves to pick the teams he is going for but knows that BYU and the 49ers trump all other teams!  He loves to play soccer in the backyard with any willing participant.  It is his favorite activity at present.  We love our busy boy.  I would be lying if I said he never tested my patience and endurance, but he is has the funnest personality and brings so much happiness to our family.

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  1. Happy (Belated) Birthday to Jack!!!! He really is quite a smarty pants! It’s fun to have a reader isn’t it. I sure wish he and Tommy could play together all the time.

  2. He is the most awesome kid on earth! Love him so much! I’m so happy we were able to be home for his birthday party! That lasagna changed my life and watching the kids with the pinata was priceless!

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