Rise and Shout

We made it to our annual BYU football game thanks to some friends in our ward who gave us their awesome tickets.  We were 3 rows up on the sideline right by the end zone.  It was awesome.  It made for a very fun game being so close.  The kids were in heaven especially with the plethora of treats they always get.  And the best part, the Cougs actually won which this season is proving to be somewhat miraculous!

4 Replies to “Rise and Shout”

  1. Yay! Go Cougars right..you’ve inspired me I totally know what I’m making you for the new little one:)

  2. Glad you were able to squeeze that in before the babe arrives. It’s getting too cold anyway so now you can just stay at home and watch the games on TV.

  3. Holy Cow!…I am so behind! I can barely keep my blog alive, let alone read anybody else’s. Love all these posts, Ame! Happy Birthday again to my Jack and Sophs! It’s crazy how fast time flies…seems so weird that they could be so old! 3rd row seats to a Cougs game is awesome! That was lucky! 🙂

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