We just wrapped up Jack’s first season of soccer.  It was so much fun.  It is awesome to watch little kids play.  We had a great time cheering him on and he loved playing.  Some games he was so aggressive even trying to kick the ball out of the goalies’ hands.  And other games he was more nonchalant, more interested in what the other kids were doing than the ball.  He scored 2 goals on the season and had plenty of saves at goalie.  We are very proud of him and look forward to many seasons to come!

3 Replies to “Soccer!”

  1. Champion!! My favorite was when he was goalie the first game and stood there squeezing the blow up doll the crazy head coach of the other team had tied to the goal post.

  2. Super fun! We have loved it as well. Even though they played 3 on 3 here, we have some little boys who are really goo so Tommy didn’t get a lot of contact with the ball

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