The first week in October the kids and I headed up to Boise to stay for a week.  I felt like we needed to make one more trip before we have the new little one and life changes a little.  Plus it was Isaac’s birthday and we have never been together on his birthday.  That was super fun for my kiddos to be there with their cousin.  We had a great time and even survived General Conference all together once again.  We did have to break up a lot of conflicts all day long since sharing is not an easy thing to do when you are a kid.  But, despite the daily battles, these cousins sure love being together.

Not ashamed to say that we survived the last part of Saturday afternoon session with every kid on an electronic device.  And little Wyatt curled up on my big 35 week belly and laid there for a good half hour.  It was my favorite.

We went to a little pumpkin patch that the fire station was holding.  Sophie could not get a enough of the bounce house.  Isaac was a little a shy and Wyatt was working his serious face!  So cute.

We took the kids bowling on Isaac’s birthday per his request.  Jack was the best helper and put the little ones heavy bowling balls on the ramp the entire game.  Kara and I literally just sat and watched.  It was lovely.  He is growing up so much!

We went to visit Deeds at work one day and I died that his name was on the door of his workplace.  Do not ever be so official Deeds, Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Just a few random shots.  This girl is really into super heroes.  Just the other day at her little preschool she was trying to convince the other little girls in her class to play with Jack’s Avenger action figures.  They would have nothing to do with it as they were engrossed in her princesses and castle.  I laughed as I listened to her!  Ryan put on Homeward Bound one night and my kids settled right in.  I think its their first non-cartoon movie and they loved it.  And finally Sophie girl cannot get enough of Wyatt.  She loved bringing him toys and helping with his binkie.  She is going to make a great big sister.

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  1. Glad you all had fun one last time before that little one arrives. Cousins are the best. It’s a real blessing to know my kids and their families all get along so well and love each other.

  2. Thanks for coming, Ame! It was awesome to spend the week with you…even though we broke up lots of little fights and always get sick! Good times!

  3. Homeward Bound?! I haven’t seen that one in ages!! Looks like a fabulous trip. General Conference was pretty much impossible with the three kids at my house.

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