Times they are a changin’

I am 38 weeks pregnant today and set to be induced in 8 days on the 1st.  I am getting pretty excited to meet this baby and to be able to bend over, stand up, roll over, etc with minimal effort again.  But as time gets closer we have been transitioning our “baby” into a full blown big girl and that makes me a wee bit sentimental!  She is more than ready for all the change and has been a champ.  We put her in a booster seat, moved her to the other side of the car, put her in a big bed, and moved her in with Jack all on the same day.  She has been perfect so far.  Although I have to admit I haven’t been brave enough to give her her nap in the big bed yet.  I have set my cut off day as Monday for that.  So there is still one more transition.  But she is awesome and I love her.  And Jack has been so happy to have her with him in her room.  He praises her every morning for sleeping in her big girl bed!  So cute.


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  1. I am SO excited for you to have this babe! Babies are so sweet and life is so good as a mom. Especially to smart, adorable children like you have! Some super fun events going on with you guys. Love the documentation. Good luck with everything and can’t wait for the news!

  2. I agree, it is so hard to make those changes. All in one day too!

    I didn’t realize I was so behind on reading your blog!

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