Jack and Sophs have been good pals lately.  I think they are teaming up cause they can sense their world changing.  But they have been playing and working together good.  Here are a few photos of them in action.

One afternoon they went on a bug hunt together in the backyard.  They proceeded to take all of my Halloween decorations down to make a haunted house for the princesses.  Pretty cute idea.  And one night we found Sophs in Jack’s bed.  Even though she does great in her bed, she almost always asks for me to stay (which I won’t do) or to be in her crib (which is now set up for baby) when its time to turn out the lights.  So I thought it was pretty cute that this particular night she found comfort by her brother’s side.

2 Replies to “Besties”

  1. Ha ha, a haunted house for the princesses, that is too funny. Love those kids’ imagination. That picture of them sleeping in the same bed is priceless.

  2. I find that my greatest joys are when my kids are playing together well and my greatest sorrows are when they are fighting 🙂

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