Well the story of Luke’s birth is pretty simple and can be summed up as taking way too long!  Since Sophie’s labor and delivery was only 4 hours I was kinda anticipating something similar.  But Luke had different plans.  We got to the hospital at 8:30 am for our scheduled induction.  Pitocin started at 9:45 am and I had my epidural at 11.  I wasn’t feeling too much.  But since I went so quickly with Sophie once the pitocin started, I didn’t want to take any chances.  My epidural was awesome and I felt nothing for several hours.  But that could also be because nothing was happening!  Every time I was checked the nurse would say, “You are about the same maybe just a tad more effaced.”  At 2 pm, Dr. Savage came and broke my water.  I really thought that would make things start to go faster.  But that was not the case.  I was starting to worry quite a bit.  But everyone assured me that everything would be ok.  Finally when they checked my at 5:45 I had changed to 4 cm.  And everything took off after that and Luke was born at 7:43 pm after pushing through only 2 contractions.  We had the best time keeping his gender a surprise and it was a really neat experience when we all shouted “It’s a boy!” in the delivery room.  It was a unforgettable moment really.  I was just so grateful that he was healthy and finally decided to make his way out!

Since labor was much longer than I thought, we didn’t have visitors until the next morning.  And Jack and Sophie were his first visitors.  They were instantly in love.  Sophie was not even 1 % disappointed that he wasn’t a girl.  She has been loving on him ever since!

I love my time in the hospital after having a baby.  It is sort of the calm before the storm.  And having that one on one time with my baby is pretty special to me.  We, of course, had a hard time naming this boy.  But once we settled on his name, it seemed to fit him perfectly.  We sure love this little guy.

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  1. This is awesome Ame! Can’t wait for him to meet his favorite uncle. He does look a lot like Jack… however, he looks slightly different as well. He’ll do great in this world. I’m happy that my children will have cousin friends… That will be the coolest.

  2. Oh my goodness Amy!!! He us absolutely adorable. I want to drive over right now and snuggle him. He looks perfect .

  3. Oh, hooray for healthy babies! I’m in awe you didn’t find out the gender, really. He is the cutest baby boy ever! So photogenic and I love seeing his eyes. Jack & Sophie look so happy! Congratulations!

  4. I think Jack looks 16 in that pic of him holding Luke in the chair. Holy smoke! What a good lookin’ baby and an even better looking bundle of chilluns you have! Love this little guy! Wish I could kiss him every minute!

  5. He is so so so so cute! I cannot believe how long your labor was. Interesting how they all have their own time table. I so wish I could see him and hold him. My Lily is getting too big 🙂

  6. Congratulations Amy! He’s adorable!! Sorry you had such a long labor! but seriously after only two contractions of pushing?? wow! We can’t wait to see you guys soon and hold little Luke! 🙂

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