8 month update

We missed Jack’s 8 month update on the blog while we were on the cruise.  So I thought I would take a minute to document what he up to these days.


He is professional at standing up to everything stable and not so professional at the unstable things which has led to many falls and tears.  He is even starting to pull himself up to me while I’m in the kitchen.  He loves standing up.  I think I better move that crib matress down to the last notch soon.  I don’t want him to figure out how to climb out just yet.  He also, for the most part, knows how to get back down and is pretty comfortable just holding on with one hand and looking around.


He tried many new things on our cruise including ice cream, pineapple, broccoli and toast.  He loved everything.  He still eats his baby food pretty good except for the rice cereal.  So we will continue with that for a little while longer.  But it is nice to know that he will be a good eater of normal food.  And he loves drinking from his sippy cup too.


We have been working on sleeping through the night since we have been home from the cruise.  And he has taken to it quite nicely so far.  I know by publicly announcing our success there is a good chance we will have a hard night in the near future.  But last night he slept completely through without a peep.  7:30 pm-7am.  We have had a fun time seeing his positions in the morning.  We loved this one.  The infamous baby sleeping with their cute bum bum in the air.


He found the toilet paper for the second time this morning (I wasn’t fast enough the first time to capture a photo before he crashed between the cupboards and toilet!).  He thinks he is so funny, and so do I really.  He is becoming quite the chatter box lately.  He can say mamama and dadada.  I am working on waving bye bye and I am pretty sure he knows what it means when I say “Give mommy kisses” because occasionally he will pause and look at me open mouthed.  He loves his books a lot.  He loves to turn the pages back and forth.

We love our Jack Jack!

8 Replies to “8 month update”

  1. Hurray! Your day has finally come!!!!! Sleeping through the night! True there may be a bad night here and there, but he can do it and he’ll do it more and more. It makes such a difference to have that good nights rest. He sure is cute…I miss him already

  2. Oh, the TP….soon it will be all the way from the bathroom, down the hall, through the kitchen and what not…its so cute till you need some and its all rolled out! HA! He is cute…cant belive 8 months already

  3. I’ll work on teaching him how to say words like Kobe… Lamar… and Downtown Shannon Brown.

  4. Always fun updates, thanks. I can’t wait for my next Jack Attack!

    Seeing the pictures of him with the TP brought back memories of his Aunt Melanie. It must be something that he inherited from her 🙂 Melanie, no worries, it was cute.

    Love to all

  5. Amazing boy! He’s getting so big! That is great he’s a good eater and is starting to sleep through the night… is he still sleeping well??

  6. Wow, I didn’t expect another update so soon but I love it. Grandpa and I can’t wait for you to get here Jack–only 14 days to go. I guess because we don’t see him too often I feel like he should still be a little baby that isn’t old enough to be doing all these things. He’ll soon be having his 1st birthday party! The TP shot is priceless. He looks very proud of himself. Sleeping sideways in his bed, with his bum in the air is classic! Love you Jack!

  7. Okay, I found your blog and Jack is oh so cute! I love his smiles and his hair. I am glad that he is sleeping through the night for you and getting into lots of trouble!

  8. Right on Uncle Dust! Throw in Andre, Manny, etc.

    I think he ready to learn how to Q ribs. I’ll work on that when he is here.

    JUMPIN JACK FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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