Thanks Grandma

A big thank you goes to my mom (and dad) for coming to stay with us for 17 days after the baby was born.  She came in on Halloween which is was fun for the kids and stayed until the 17th.  She took care of my kids while we were in the hospital and it was nice to not have to worry about who had the kids and if they were ok.  And once we were home she took over the cleaning, cooking, laundry, diaper changing, bathing and entertainment of the older the kids.  She taught Jack how to play Sorry and must have played at least 100 games with him.  She also always managed the early risers (thank you daylight savings time) in the morning so that I could get a little more rest with Luke in the morning.  It was really lovely to have her here.  I know it was a sacrifice for my dad too who must have been so bored home alone for so long!  So thank you parentals.  We sure love you.


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  1. When can we do it again? Ha! Ha! I truly had a great time as well. Welcome to family little Luke! I checked the game cupboard at home and sure enough “Sorry” is in there so Jack get ready for my game playing. Love you too Sophs!

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