Merry Christmas

We had a lovely Christmas this year with Dan’s family.  It’s true what they say that once you are older, Christmas is way more fun with kids.  It is so magical for them and I love it.  Jack was up around 4:30 am and since he didn’t have a clock to look at, he kept coming in our room and asking, “Is it time now?”  It was so cute.  Of course, I wanted him to sleep longer so that I could, but I was just so in love with his enthusiasm that the early wake up call was quite endearing.  I love my sweet kiddos and husband.

4 Replies to “Merry Christmas”

  1. Looks like so much fun! Presents and wrapping paper everywhere! I was up at 4:30 too, Jack! It’s because Christmas is the best!

  2. Wow, 4:30 huh? That’s early! I think we were up by 7:00, and then had to wait for Isaac. We almost went in and woke him up because we were so excited. Christmas with the kiddos is so fun! P.S. I think Sophie is already too tall for that bike! haha She looks so tall!

  3. Great pictures! I love the “mom I”m smiling can I go now” face. I think Sophie and Kate have the same bike 🙂 Luke’s smile is just precious. Wish I were there…at least I’m coming soon!

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