We love L.A. (Well maybe not we, just I)!

Well, as most of you know, the Lakers are in the NBA Finals again this year.  It is lovely news for me as a lifelong (well since 1991 for sure) Laker fan.  My husband doesn’t really love it.  And tries to teach Jack the “I love L.A.” song by replacing love with hate.  I try to tell him he can’t hate L.A.  He says “Why not?  There is nothing good about L.A.”  I quietly try to remind him that L.A. is, in fact, where we got married.  So it does have one redeemable quality.  Eternally redeemable, I might add.  But he is not convinced.  I always counter the “I hate L.A.” chant with “We love L.A.” while raising Jacks’ arms in the air.  He smiles everytime so that must me he feels the same way.  I mean after all, he smiles, right?  The battle rages on.  We had my siblings over on Sunday for a little Laker party to watch Game 2.  Thank goodness we won!


On to Jack news.  At least we can all agree that is the cutest child on the whole wide planet.  He has been into making this one face that we all cannot get enough of.  For some reason the little orange light on the camera really makes him bring it out in full force.  So I feel like I haven’t really captured a smiling photo all week.  But I have a sneaky suspicion the following barrage of photos might just make you all chuckle a little.


We went to the park the other day.  It was Jack’s first time in the swing.  He liked it, of course.  But I believe his favorite thing was when I took him out and put him in the woodchips.  It only took 1.1 seconds for him to grab a handful and put them in his mouth.    And it only took me 1.1 seconds to then pick him up and put him back in the swing while trying to fish the woodchips (a.k.a. choking hazards) out of his mouth.  We are excited to go back to the park if we could ever have a day without rain or thunderstorms (not my favorite!).


9 Replies to “We love L.A. (Well maybe not we, just I)!”

  1. Hurray for my first appearance in the Grossen blog! I think Jack enjoys cheering for a bball team in June! Who doesn’t!?!

  2. you were right…he made me laugh and smile!!! That face is so stinkin cute…where did he come up with it. Oh, the woodchips…i wish they would stop making parks with those

  3. Hilarious! Oh, Jack, you crack me up. You know Jack your mommy used to make those same wrinkle-up-the-nose faces. I’ll show them to you when you come visit us. Can’t wait to see what your Uncle Deeds has to say! Now daddy, Dan, not only were you married in L.A. but the beaches are there and your favorite mother-in-law was born in the big, bad city. Ha! Ha! GO LAKERS!

  4. Crap, Grandma Janet was one of the last white (bright white, at that), english speaking people to be born in the city of LA.

    She is a true Angelina!!!

  5. A love the wrinkle the nose face, and even more so now that I learn that Amy did the same thing. Too funny. We all cracked up when we saw him do it. Amazing that it is almost on command with the orange light.

    Now, as for the game. Careful picture analysis will show that Jack has 2 fingers on his right hand showing the 2 games won by LA — the second one in overtime. These fingers are pointing downward. Now note that the left hand index finger is point not as far downward. This indicates the win for the “Magic”, but a little hesitation to make his vote know. Also, I observe a bit a tear in his eye, as he is overwhelmed by the peer pressure to not make his real desires known about the lakers. Sorry it’s the Bryant factor.

    Go magic! 🙂

  6. Quizz faces for the win! The kid is a true legend. I bet he loves the fact that the offseason is only about four months long instead of 5 or 6 for other franchises. And if the kid ends up being a Magic fan that is enough of a victory for me. Those faces say, “I’m drinking Santana Champp cuz its so crisp!” Same thing the Lakers are thinking. And don’t worry Quizz… you’ll get the Kobe underbite down. Keep trying.

  7. ugh….I hate the Lakers. And Jack will clearly know that his father hates them and will continue to hate them.

  8. I love the Lakers party picture! And that Jack is too much. I absolutely LOVE that face. I miss that kid already.

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