Cosby Christmas

All of my family was able to come to Utah this year just a few short days after Christmas for Luke’s baby blessing.  It was really special to have them all here.  They are the best and I love them.  Luke was an angel baby during his blessing per the norm.  I failed to take any pictures of him.  I am awesome.  Richard took some so I will have to get them from him sometime and add them later to the blog.  But I did manage to get a picture of the 3 Grossen cousins in their matching Christmas dresses.  Cute girls!

That night we had a Cosby Christmas at our house.  The tree was full and it was really fun to be together.

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  1. What a tremendous day! Thanks for birthing Luke so that we all had a reason to come together and celebrate! I have some pics of Luke in his blessing outfit. I’ll send them your way.

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