January happenings

We had a great month of January.  The weather was “warm” most of the time which meant no snow, sunshine, little inversion and about 35 degrees.  I’ll take it.  I usually just dread January, but this year it was not half bad and really just flew by!

This boy is growing bigger.  He is an expert at tummy time, enjoys short stints in the bumbo, found his hands and loves to suck them, and is full of cute, cute smiles and laughs.  We think he is our smiliest baby.  Sure do love this one!

This lady is fun and sassy all in one.  She loves princesses.  One day I was cleaning the bathroom and she wanted to be “Cinderella” and help out.  Well go right ahead Cinderelly!  She suggested wearing the apron and everything.  She is an expert bike rider and loves it.  We are looking forward to warmer days ahead.

This guy is a great big brother.  He is always willing to make Tooter Baby happy.  He adores preschool.  One day a dragon for Chinese New Year appeared when we went to pick him up.  He loves his teacher, Mrs. King.  And we got to have a little Mommy/Son date to In-n-Out which he chose because “I know you don’t like McDonalds, Mom.”  Smart buddy.  He proceeded to eat the same exact meal as me, cheeseburger and fries.  One hungry 5-year-old!

4 Replies to “January happenings”

  1. It;s good to have you back, Ame! Missed seeing these kids! They sure are cute. We are loving this warmer weather as well. Isaac would sure love to be riding his bike with his cousins right about now! And Luke is getting so big…for some reason I will always think of him as a newborn. Miss you guys.

  2. Way to go Cinderelly! Very cute in the apron Sophs! Jack is so observant and our little Luke Luke is growing up way to fast. Love my babies!

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