California here we come…

Near the end of February we journeyed to California for a much needed vacation.  I was nervous about the drive with little Luke.  A 10 hour ride is not really meant for babies.  But he did pretty well.  He had his moments as I expected but really for the most part he was happy.   Jack and Sophie are perfect travelers.  We really are so lucky there.

Our first stop was Uncle Mike and Aunt Tiffany’s house for a few days.  We spent time at the beach, ate some delicious tacos and enjoying their backyard and the warm weather.  It was so nice.  We loved our stay with them.  They are really such gracious hosts and don’t mind the occasional child meltdown.  We spent a day at Newport Beach and went to Balboa Island for a frozen banana.  We rode across on the car ferry and it was pretty neat for all of us.  I love Orange County.  Why does it have to be so expensive?  Sigh…

The next 3 days of our trip we spent at Disneyland.  And it was the funnest.  I seriously love it.  I know that I say that every time we go…but it is true.  I think its the best.  Our kids had a great time.  Sophie was tall enough to ride most everything.  And Jack’s fears have completely subsided except for Tower of Terror.  He loved Goofy Sky School and the Cars Ride.  He rode Indiana Jones for the first time and loved it!   And Sophie can not get enough of the Little Mermaid ride.  We were so glad that my parents could come and that Uncle Deeds made the journey from Boise to spend 2 days with us.  Luke was a champ and learned to love sitting up like a big boy in the stroller.  We rewarded him with a small taste of cinnamon sugar on his lips from our churro.  He loved that.  Until next time Disney…we will be patiently waiting!

Our final leg of the trip was a few days in the B-town at my parent’s house where we like to play games and eat Sequoia cookies.  It was nice to relax for a few days before the drive home.  My mom came back with us and really saved us in the car with Luke.  When he would start to cry she was able to entertain him in the back.  It was so nice.  We loved our trip and can’t wait until next time!


4 Replies to “California here we come…”

  1. OHHH Short sleeves?!! I can’t even remember the last time 🙂 Next winter I’m doing a warm trip like this. So much fun!! I’m glad you guys had such a great time at Disneyland. I think we scarred Jack of Tower of terror for life. Little Luke is too cute.

  2. When do we get to go again? There doesn’t seem to be a better trip than Disneyland, such fun times!

  3. The pic of all 3 kids on the grass at Mike’s is really killer funny. It looks like they are being tortured…haha! I love Disneyland so so much! And of course the picture of Buggy on the Cars ride is top shelf! Such a fun trip!

  4. What a fun trip! We felt pretty shafted that you would do this Disney trip without us! Ha! You lucky dogs! I am ready to do this vacay tomorrow! Love CA and Disneyland! P.S. And yes, some of those pics are killer!

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