Happy Flag Day!

Before I met Dan I must admit that I didn’t even know when Flag Day was or the fact that it even existed.  But I can tell you now that it is June 14th which also happens to be Dan’s birthday.  We had a fun celebration.  28 years old!  I can’t believe that I will be joining him here in a month at that ripe old age.  Here are a few photos from our weekend.


On Saturday we had a little family lunch at Goodwood BBQ per Dan’s request.  It is delicious.  Jack loves straws.  This photo was snapped right before he gagged himself by sticking the straw in to far.  He kills us.  He was fascinated by the kids sitting across the way from us.  He might need a brother or sister someday…not that we are considering it anytime soon.


That night we went to an Open House for the Swenson parents’ who are leaving in a few weeks for Brazil on a mission.  Jack was in heaven.  He was like a kid in a candy store playing on the gym floor and the other kids.  Dan was also in heaven.  He was reunited after a year long absence with his friend Justin.  I was also in heaven with the heavily frosted cupcakes from Costco that were on the dessert table.  Mmmm…I love frosting!


On Sunday, we had a party with Dans’ siblings and parents.  Dan got a new golf driver for his birthday and the new Tiger Woods game for the Wii.  And after last night’s party with my siblings, we have declared Dan’t 28th year his golfing year.  My siblings got him a gift card to play at like all the golf courses in Salt Lake County.  So I guess I will be a single parent for the next 10 Saturdays in a row!  Just kidding.  But it really did make his dreams come true.

And what can we say about Jack.  He loves jewelry and Kitty.  Don’t get any big ideas…we do not want Kitty or any other animal for that matter.  We let him admire through the window is all.  And as for the jewelry, I am considering buying a caseful of play jewelry for him.  You should have seen how much joy it brought him.

5 Replies to “Happy Flag Day!”

  1. Jack is in touch with his feminine side, he’ll turn out to be a sensitive man. I make sure to wear jewelry because that will guarantee Jack to always come to me 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday Dan! I love Jack’s many expressions, especially the squishy faces in the previous post. I love LOVE Jack’s hair!

  3. Ever since Jon told me that his Birthday was on Flag Day, anytime I hear about Flag Day I think, that’s Dan’s birthday! I am glad you guys had a good time. Happy Birthday Dan! And hey let’s plan a get together. Do you guys want to come here next time? We could get Smokehouse!

  4. Oh, Ame, I love your blog. You make it so fun. Glad to see that Dan is still sporting Spiderman apparel. I myself have known about Flag Day for a long time (I’m old) but, of course, now it is extra special. Glad your birthday was extra fun Dan. And Jack you are the coolest kid I know. Only six more days and you’ll be smothered in hugs and kisses whether you like it or not.

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