4 months

Now that the Lukester is 5 months I will blog about him at 4 months.  He is a gem of a baby.  And right around his 4 month birthday he started taking longer naps which made me the happiest.  He started talking a lot and we can get him to laugh pretty easily because he is super ticklish!  During his 4th month, he cut out one feeding per 24 hours so we are down to 6, 5 during the day and once at night.  He even slept through the night one night from 7 pm-7:30 am.  It only happened once but it was lovely!  He learned to roll from his back to his belly this month.  It really surprised me because his older siblings were closer to 6 months before they figured it out.  He still loves to sleep swaddled and I almost never find him out of it when I go to get him out of bed.  He is just so comfy wrapped up.  He is adored by everyone he meets because he has an insta-smile and the cutest face in town. About midway through the month, we started rice cereal and now he is a champ, preferring oatmeal to rice.  Also this month, he decided that he didn’t want to take a bottle anymore which is pretty annoying.  It takes some serious effort for him to take it and it is the worst.  Oh well…we just keep working on it.  I just love him so much.  He makes my heart happy.

4 month stats

14 lbs. 4 oz. (25%)

25 inches (50%)

17 inch head (90%)

Bubble Boy!

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  1. Still the cutest. Definitely still has the Amy/Dan baby look but he is becoming his own self–maybe a combo of Jack and Sophie would be the best way to put it. Love you little Luckster.

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