Corona Virus

The second weekend in March we spent at Primary Children’s Hospital because Luke caught a nasty bug and ended up with Bronchiolitis.  It was pretty sad.  He definitely had his worst cold on record.  I was starting to worry about and then on Sunday we could not keep him awake.  He just wanted to sleep all day and not eat.  His cough seemed to be getting worse and he had what I would call a “weak cry”…when he wanted to cry, almost no sound would come out.  He started to get a fever which ended up being around 101.  So I decided to take him to the Instacare just to make sure he was ok.  When I got there, they hooked him up to the oxygen saturation monitor and within one minute told me to head straight to Primary’s with him.  My heart got really worried.  So I drove straight there, called Dan sobbing, and worried about my baby in the back the whole way.  Once there, he was given oxygen and we were asked to stay overnight so that they could monitor him and deep suction his boogies out.  The saddest thing ever is having your baby deep suctioned.  I was on the verge of gagging every time they did it because how uncomfortable does it sound to have a tube go down your nose into your throat and suck snot out.  Poor baby!  We ended up only being there 18 hours because he was eating fine and producing enough pee.  We did have to take the oxygen home and he ended up being on it for 4 days at home.  It was pretty challenging to have your child hooked to something 24 hours per day.  But he never really complained.  He was pretty cheerful most of the time.  We also had to go to the hospital once per day to have him deep suctioned.  Slowly but surely his voice returned, cough subsided and nose stopped running.  It was one of the saddest things ever, but I am so thankful for doctors to help and priesthood power to heal and bring peace.

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  1. Still breaks my heart to this minute his poor little cry and moaning that night at the hospital. Let’s not ever do that again!

  2. One time Kate had a high fever and was breathing funny. I rushed her to the doctor but that drive with her in the back was scary. I had to pull over once because I thought she stopped breathing. But that ended up being nothing compared to this. So so sad for Luke and you too, but so so glad he is okay.

  3. Poor boy! It makes me sad I couldn’t be there to help out with things while mommy and daddy stayed with you in the hospital. Of course, you were still pleasant. Such a sweet boy. Always so cheerful, even when you’re sick. I love your cute jammies!

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