My brothers both have birthdays in April, 5 days apart.  So Kerri suggested that we drive to Boise and surprise them.  I thought it was a great idea.  But I wasn’t sure if I was up for driving alone with the 3 kiddies.  As time past, I realized I could not miss out on the surprise so I would just have to be brave and make the journey alone.  Luke cried for about an hour on the way there.  But on the way back he was an angel baby.  I count it as a miracle because I felt miserable on that drive with my intestinal troubles.  But anyway, it was a way fun surprise.  The brothers had no idea and we had a great time all together.  Plus the kids always love to be together.  Jack, Sophs and Isaac all slept together and they were in little kid heaven with a sleepover every night!  We had fun going to Rio 2 and spent many days at the park.  We played lots of games and stayed up way passed my bedtime!  Love my family so much!

This last picture is funny of Sophs.  We went to Isaac’s soccer practice and he felt shy that day.  Sophie tried to help him feel brave by going out on the field with him.  It didn’t help him out too much.  So Sophs joined his team for a week while Iz sat out.  Soccer in sandals…no problem!


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  1. Surprises are fun! Good for you for attempting that drive alone. Looks like it was well worth it.

  2. I love all you kiddies. Way to go sisters in surprising your brothers. Thanks to your hubbies as well for letting you do it. I guess Sophs needs to get signed up for Soccer herself. I love that Luke always looks so solemn because it doesn’t fit his sunny disposition at all.

  3. It was such a grand time! Wish we were all sister wives together and lived on the same street! Each with our own husbands of course!

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