Easter was awesome again this year.   We had 3 egg hunts, 2 delicious meals, and 1 egg dying session.  We attempted curlers in Sophie’s hair for the first time.  She thought it was the worst torture of her 3-year-old life.  And it didn’t really turn out too good so we might be putting that on hold for a few more years.  We talked about Jesus and the kids seemed to grasp the real meaning of Easter better than ever.  In fact, in Sophie’s prayers the following week, she thanked Jesus “for dying so that he could clear everything for us.”  I love this holiday with my babies.

4 Replies to “Easter”

  1. I for one think Sophie’s hair is adorable. Curlers are pure torture but that’s life for a girl. Love your tulips Ame and the Easter pastel outfits the kids have on.

  2. I have tried several times to do curlers with Rachel. My last attempt was about a year ago. Each one as dramatic as the first. Oh well. I love Sophie’s dress! Super cute kiddos!

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