We recently got a Thanksgiving Point season pass to enjoy this year.  Dan’s work gives a 20% discount and with how close it is to us it really seems worth it.  We have already been twice and plan to go many more times.  Tulips are fast becoming one of my favorite flowers.  They are just so beautiful so the Tulip Festival was a must for me!  And it was lovely.  We went with our friends, Alicia, Audrey and Maddie and really loved the beauty of it!  And I took way too many pictures!


2 Replies to “Tulips”

  1. A season pass? Woohoo, good for you! And with friends…that’s a double win. So fun! I love love love tulips!

  2. Poppie would be proud of you Ame. Beautiful! I just love the kids poses with the red leaves.

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