One happy and sad day.

Last Friday Dan’s Grandpa Grossen lost his battle with cancer.  It wasn’t a surprising loss; he has been struggling for quite a few months now.  But it was still a piece of news we didn’t want to hear.  I have known Earl the Pearl for almost 5 years and I can truthfully say that he was the life of the party.  I remember telling Dan very early on that there is no way this man is a Grandpa, let alone a Dad.  He just seemed like one of the kids.  And I think I know why–he loved life.  Just like a child treasures each day, Grandpa saw the best in life and made the most of it.  That made him someone who was always fun to be around.  We really will miss him.

As I have thought about this most recent loss, I have thought about that fact that I sorta do enjoy funerals.  I know to some that might sound morbid and really weird.  But there is something so genuine about remorse and mourning that I don’t even mind the fact that I am crying.  Sadness is the product of love really.  Because we love someone, we weep when they are gone.   And there is something sweet about that kind of love.  I have had some of my most spiritual moments at funerals.  And I don’t think that is coincidence.  Death makes us focus entirely on Jesus Christ, His perfect Atonement, and the Plan that only He makes possible for all of us.  That is why funerals are spiritual for me.  As we seek comfort in loss, we turn to Him who is the source of our peace and hope.  Because of Him, I know death is not the end and we will see Grandpa Earl the Pearl and all of our loved ones again.  Sorry to wax spiritual on the blog, but it has been on my mind.

We had a beautiful time with all of the family in town. And we really did celebrate Grandpa.  We did things he loved.  We gathered at a park.  Looked at old photos.  Told stories.  We went to the BYU Creamery and bowling at the Wilk.  We went to Brick Oven for pizza and just laughed together.  It was a fun time with family.  I know Grandpa was happy to see us together.


It is pretty amazing to think that Grandpa was an only child.   Look at all of his posterity and that is not even everyone.  We sure missed Melanie, Jake, Rachel, Tommy, Shey, Josh, Reagan, Preston and Clint.


Jack sure was a nice boy that day considering his minimal napping.  I think it was a gift from Grandpa.

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  1. You don’t expect to blubber when you read someones blog. You got me Ame! Your spirit must be much older and wiser than mine. Are you sure you weren’t supposed to be my mother? You’re awesome! I couldn’t even see the pictures after reading your words. I had to wipe my eyes first. It sounds like Grandpa Grossen has a lot to be proud of and I’m sure he was right there enjoying all the family activities. Until we meet again!

  2. That made me cry too. That was really nice and I agree…although I do not like viewings, I’ll take that aspect out of it. But I agree that funerals make you reflect on life and can lead you closer to Christ. That was really touching Amy. I hope you have a wonderful time in California with your parents. Safe travels.

  3. Don’t mind me while I just sob through another blog posting thanks to yours and Melanie’s. Not the best combo with a cold. I couldn’t agree more. Funerals are absolutely the worst, but the best at the same time. Definitely bitter sweet! I’ll just add one of my memories of Earl the Pearl. I remember after one of the first times that Amy and Dan went to Earl’s for dinner when they were first dating. Amy was telling me about the dinner and said Earl served baked potatoes and sweet potatoes. Same food really. I thought it was the best thing I had ever heard. Can’t ever have too many potato products at one dinner!

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