Living at Grandma’s

We had a week of homelessness while we were waiting to close on our new house.  Dan’s parents were nice enough to take us in.  My kids loved playing at Grandma’s everyday.  Their house is so big that I sometimes lost track of my kids!  Luke did come down with his first ear infection while we were staying there which was so sad.  My poor sickly little baby.  But he is still so smiley.  Luke also started to get really good at sitting up while we were in Sandy.  He is growing so fast.  It kills me!

Jack was also able to finish up his last few weeks of soccer while we were at the Grossen grandparents.  He did really well this season and seemed to excel at goalie quite a bit.  We are very proud of him.



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  1. Luke is so cute! I want to squeeze him. Fun to hear about the soccer season. Ours is starting up next week and we’re all looking forward to it.

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