June Happenings

So we moved into our new house on June 5th.  We had a lot of help moving in so it only took a little over an hour.  It was wonderful.  Then we just managed the chaos and unpacked little by little.  Kerri came one day and helped me organize my kitchen.  That was awesome.  And on the following Monday my mom came all the way from California to help me do everything.  It was amazing.   We were able to buy all of our paint and actually finish Luke’s room.  And she helped me to organize the garage, office and storage closet downstairs.  It was a miracle.  By the time she left, we felt pretty settled.  For the next 3 weeks I worked on painting the master bedroom and the main living room upstairs.  It was a lot of work and my kids watched a lot of TV.  But I loved the way it turned out.  The kids have adjusted great to the new house.  I was nervous since Sophie and Jack are now in the basement.  But for the first month we were all downstairs sleeping while we finished painting and waited for our king size bed to arrive (it is amazing!) so that really helped.  They have never seemed scared about being down there alone.  And it has really helped them be braver I think.  Since we’ve been here I think we’ve only had a visitor in our room a few times maybe.  Love that!  And the baby really started to get amazing at sleeping through the night once we moved in.  Grateful!  We are loving it here!

Now to the pictures!

This boy turned over a new leaf when we moved.  He started sitting up, getting down to his belly, scooting, flipping out of the bouncer and bumbo, and playing in the jumper all within a few weeks.  Crazy how fast it happens once they start going.  He really started eating like crazy too…downing 6 jars of baby food per day.  He must have been burning a lot of calories with all that movement.  I sure love him lots.

Sophs crashed on her bike one day and had the fat lip to prove it.  Poor lady.

Jack was Jack.  Being his funny, happy self and the best big brother to the BHB (the acronym he has given Luke…Big Handsome Boy).

We welcomed a new niece to the family.  McKenna was born on June 10th and she is a beauty.

We celebrated Avery’s birthday.  And the kids loved her new Cozy Coupe.  She is cute and busy little two-year-old!

We watched Ellia business (as Jack calls her).  We enjoyed an episode of Sesame Street and some popcorn.   So fun!

We went to the water park a few times.  It is a lot of fun!  Luke has done awesome every time we’ve gone even though it entails missing naps in his bed and lots of sunscreen applications.  He is a cute little swimmer-isn’t he?

And finally a beautiful sunset one night as seen from our new back patio.  Life is good!

4 Replies to “June Happenings”

  1. Cutest kiddos on the planet! I love your new house so much that it inspired us to buy a house so I could have a bigger kitchen and most space! 🙂

  2. Can’t wait to see that new house of yours in person. So glad the move went so smoothly and everyone has adjusted for the better. Love that Lukie in his swimsuit!

  3. Yes! Glad you have a computer to blog again! Love your new home and all the space for us when we come visit! Can’t believe how big Lukester is getting. Sorry to Sophie girl for her little spill. I have a sad picture of Isaac like that with a matching lip.

  4. That picture of swimmer Luke is priceless. So is the one of Sophs–love those big (Wright) eyes, and of course, Jack with his always “Let’s have fun” face.

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