July Happenings

Here is a few photos from July

Luke moved into the big boy bath tub.  He loves it.  He took a few spills as he learned that bathtubs are a little bit slippery!  And with his new found mobility (he inch worms along with the best of them), we find all sorts of things in his mouth.  It is such a hard phase but it does motivate me to vacuum semi-frequently!

Sophie put Daddy’s socks on one day and we thought it was so cute.  But as soon as I went to grab the camera to document she got very upset.  She has a shy side and does not like it when we laugh at something she’s done.

I love this Jack.  One day he came to me with this bowl of fruit and another one for himself.  He had cut it all up (with an Ikea knife…don’t get worried grandparents) for both of us.  He is a sweet boy.

We went to the newly remodeled Bean Museum one day at BYU.  It was pretty neat.  They have a whole section of President Packer’s art and wood carvings.  That was my favorite part.  We followed it up with some creamery ice cream.  Such a delight.  It was Luke’s first time on the BYU campus.  He was a big fan!

We are all loving Adobe!  It has been a really family-friendly place with means a lot to me.  I like that Dan works for a company that thinks family is important.  It is not always like that in the corporate world, I have learned so we are feeling blessed.  And since we live so close (1 mile away), we take advantage of all they have to offer.  Like Food Truck Friday where we enjoyed Waffle Luv and snow cones.  And the monthly movie night they have during the summer.  The kids love it!

Also sometime in this month we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary with a delicious dinner up in Park City at the Stein Erikson Lodge.  It was so so yummy.  And I turned 33 too this month.  Heaven help us…that is getting old.  I’m starting to get the gray hair to prove it!

4 Replies to “July Happenings”

  1. You and your gray hair is killing me! Hurray for Luke going to his future Alma Mater for the first time…of course he loved it! Jack bringing you a bowl of fruit is about the sweetest thing I’ve heard in a while. Love that boy and my Sophie bug and my Lukester!

  2. Glad to see you back on board Ame! I haven’t checked for a few weeks. Excited to stay up on all your adventures and see the kids growing up (yikes, Jack using a knife–very sweet like Ker said, very thoughtful kid) and smiling at their cute faces.

  3. So glad to hear how well Adobe is treating you guys. And the commute is hard to beat. We have sure enjoyed being close as well. Your kids are so sweet and cute!!!

  4. I love Jack and the fruit bowl…I could use one of those right about now! I laughed a little about Sophs. Isaac sometimes gets sensitive like that too. You never know with kids what might set them off. And I just want to give Lukester a big smoochie!

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