Third kid, third kid under anesthesia.  We got an awesome thing going.  On August 8th, Luke had surgery for his undescended testicle.  I felt so so sad for him.  What a terrible place to have surgery.  Poor baby.  But he was a champ.  He was in surgery about 30 minutes, the doctor found a healthy testicle and moved it down into its proper place, and he was done.  He was pretty sad coming out of the surgery.  But once he was fully awake he was pretty happy.  And once we got home, we gave him some yogurt and then he was 100%.  And its been smooth sailing since then.  He is such a sweet boy.


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  1. Way to get this ordeal documented Mom–three kids, three pics with them in hospital gowns. Yikes! I’m with Ker–no more hospitals!

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