August Days

Here is my collection of August photos…

It rained so much in August.  It seems like almost every day there was a big soaking thunderstorm.  And it even turned chilly one morning to the point where the kids wanted jackets and pants.  Please don’t let this be a sign of things to come…

We went swimming at Brooke’s pool one day.  We had a little pizza party for Grandma’s birthday.  Sophie developed a crazy fear of the water this summer.  It is pretty sad.  We are hoping that she can conquer her fears since we just started a round of swimming lessons last week.

This boy started to kneel up to things.  He is highly motivated to get to food where ever it can be found.  He wants to eat all day, every day.  It is exhausting.

I took the kids to the Ogden Temple Open House.  It was pretty special.  And they were such sweet kids.  It was a long tour (about an hour), going up and down stairs, in and out of rooms, with lots of other people.  But they did great.  Sophie loved the sparkly lights and asked when we could get those in our house.  I thought it was pretty neat to be in God’s house with my babies.  We followed it up with a lunch at Zaxby’s!  Can’t go wrong with that!

I took the kids to the zoo one morning so we could see the new exhibits.  They are cool but I’m not sure it was worth the front part of the zoo being torn up for the last 2 years.   But at least the train was reopened.  That is the kids favorite part anyway.

3 Replies to “August Days”

  1. What a trooper taking all the kids to the temple by yourself! I’m still so sad I couldn’t get work off to go. August really was weird…I hope all that rain doesn’t equal an early winter.

  2. We had a very cool August as well. And we’ve been hearing unfavorable predictions about our winter. How neat to do an open house. I can’t wait to do one when Philadelphia temple is done!

  3. It looks like Luke’s hair is going to be the lay down kind. What no spiky hair for you little man! We need the rain down here. Send it our way!

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