On August 26th our Jack started Kindergarten.  And he has been loving it ever since.  He was not anxious at all on the actual day.  We walked him up to school, took a few pictures, waited until the bell rang and off he went.   Kindergarten is only “half-day” here which really means from 9:15-12 so it is not too long at all.  In fact, in some ways it is not long enough.  I barely can squeak an errand in before its time to go pick him up.  He is really excelling at school despite being way ahead (his teacher gave us the option of starting him in 1st grade during his pre-assessment before school started).  He loves going to PE and library each week.  And he loves doing buddy reading with his 4th grade buddy.  They started a chapter book together last week!  He has made some cute new friends and is loving Mrs. Story.  He’s an awesome boy!

The following Tuesday on Sept. 2nd Sophie started preschool.  She is going 2 days/week to Mrs. King.  We loved Mrs. King last year with Jack so we make the drive to Draper to take her.  She, too, loves school so much.  She is getting really good at writing her letters and recognizing a handful of sight words.  She loves to color.  I am constantly finding new drawings mostly of rainbows, flowers and our family.  She is sweet lady.


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  1. Soph needs to coach Jack on the photogenic-ness in the solo photos. His faces were cracking me up…especially the one at his desk! Love those two smarty pants!

  2. All the kiddies look so cute and happy. Soph’s haircut is just perfect for her and love her red shoes.

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