Birthday Girl

Our Sophie lady is 4!  She is growing into the most wonderful little girl.  She is so fun to be around and makes friends where ever she goes.  She is happy to play with anyone at the park.  I love her friendliness.  She does get a little bossy especially with Jack.  She’s already practicing her mothering skills!  She is a funny girl often making comments that crack me up.  She also has a shy side and sometimes avoids the limelight.  She is super sensitive especially when she gets in trouble.  It often leads to her running out the room in tears or burying her head in the couch to hide.  Oh girls…  She still takes a nap during the day when she is not at preschool.  But it is affecting her ability to fall asleep at night so we often have a little visitor upstairs asking for a drink, a kiss, a hug or the infamous “Mommy I need to tell you something.”  She also tends to be in our room a few times per week in the night asking for us to fix her blankies.  It is making me so tired!  She is a great lady.  She excels in all she does and we are so proud of her.

Stats at 4 years:

41.5 inches tall (77%)

37.2 lbs. (85%)

We had a small Cinderella party at our house in the morning.  For lunch we went to Chick Fil-A per her request.  That night we went to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate Grandpa’s birthday which is the day before.  And when we got home we opened more presents and had more cake.  It was a fun, busy day for our cute lady-loo.

The next series of photos are funny.  I wanted to get a picture of everyone so all the girls lined up.  But Ellia was not having it.   So we took the photo without her.  As soon as we were done and everyone went on there way to play, Ellia went and stood by the wall all by herself.  It was too funny.  She just needed her space!

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  1. Sophie looks like she is in 7th heaven with all the girls and that princess stuff. Very cute Cinderella cupcakes.

  2. Such a cute little lady! Still can’t believe they are 4. That used to sound old when Jack was the 4 year old. Love that picture where she is holding Luke. Ever since you were her and Isaac watched her do that, now he tries picking up Wyatt all the time!

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